The Legends Tour the United States in a Big Way

dj_headphones_music_headset_230745The Chrisagis Brothers have been doing the Legends Concerts for four years now. The concerts bring together the greatest Christian Music Artists in history and mix them with a legendary Hollywood star as a co-host to celebrate Christ. It is like a Broadway Revival filled with music, ministry, joy, tears, laughter, inspiration, revival and love, love, love.

Each year the Legends are overwhelmed by the crowds and the devotion of the Chrisagis Brothers to the Legends, their music and the sweet presence of God that is felt by all. This year the Legends were bigger and better than ever with Grammy and Dove Winner Russ Taff (who is the biggest male artist and most awarded male star in Christian Music History), Michael English (who is one of the greatest vocalists the world has known), Phil Keaggy (known as the top five guitarists in music history by Guitar Magazine) Jaci Velasquez (who has sold five million albums in her young career and is still on the top of all the charts), Leon Patillo (Christian Music’s Legendary Revivalist and iconic super star) plus this year the Chrisagis Brothers had one of their dearest friends, Jack Scalia from Hollywood, co-host with them. Scalia is one of Hollywood’s most beloved iconic stars and legendary leading men. He is known as one of the handsomest men in the world and was the first legendary male Super Model.

The Legends August 18, 2018 concert was truly life-changing and was the 4th annual show that featured names from five eras of Christian Music. It was also filmed for a new documentary because this was a landmark event. The night was different then other Christian Concerts, each artist brought their biggest songs, ministered from the heart and revival was felt from beginning to end. The concert went for three hours with one short intermission. The audience was alive in Christ and loved every moment and got to meet each star. This was by far the best Christian Concert you could find anywhere. It was a night no one will forget and all were touched, delivered and forever changed.

The Legends are now traveling the United States with concerts in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, Staten Island New York, Branson Missouri, Las Vegas etc… Some of the artists at next concert include Evie Tornquist Karlsson, Scott Wesley Brown, Dave Boyer, Farrell & Farrell, Steve Camp, Chuck Girard, David Meece, Dino Kartsonakis, Kim Boyce, etc… For more info on these concerts log on to the Chrisagis Brothers Website

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