Senator John McCain’s Life Is A Reminder To Serve Truly and Laugh Deeply

McCain, John-012309-18421- 0004
McCain, John- official portrait

Senator John S. McCain has died.

He served our country brilliantly as a soldier, family man and senator. Mr. McCain died at 4:28 p.m. Those are the facts, but there is more to it than that.

To McCain’s friends and supporters, his humor is a mark of his authenticity.

John reminded us with his service in the armed forces. He showed us that defending the country and honoring the flag with your life and choices matters deeply. He showed by choosing to fly 23 combat missions that our country mattered.

When he entered public service he knew that the his country needed him. He served it and made sure that he always honored decency. Like most of us he made mistakes. He acknowledged his mistakes.

Senator McCain valued doing right, because I was just. We saw him action. We saw him stand his ground. When a woman chose to use a false description of President Obama, he would have none of that. He respectfully corrected her. When a law came to the floor that he didn’t agree with he vetoed it.

He lived his truth.

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