mondayeveningIt’s Monday Morning. The only difference to this Monday Morning is that it is Labor Day. I have tried to pray as I go along during the day, asking God to please settle my nerves and calm my mind, but the knots in my stomach and pressure remain.

It’s on day like today when I do not have to travel that I can sit in silence with my Lord. We need the silence to heal and to be better.

We understand that silence is needed more than we could have ever imagined. There’s so much chaos in the world, life’s responsibilities and constant connectivity with the phone that it often takes an act of Congress to set aside time to just be still and silent. This is still a disciplined task that has to be learned until we acquire it as a routine part of our day and even then it takes us actively choosing to be silent.

Practicing being quiet also gives us the opportunity to carefully consider the things that usually consume our time: television, social media, cell phones and tablets are within a hands reach for most of us.

Set aside this prayer this morning and listen to the Lord talk.

Lord, help me to get comfortable in the quiet, still moments. Show me the importance of stopping and removing distractions to spend time in your presence. I don’t want to talk over you but help me to discipline myself long enough to hear what it is that you have to say

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