halloweenRight now, kids across the country are anxiously awaiting the sweetest of all holidays: Halloween! From fun size chocolate bars to saltwater taffies, the season of sweets is upon us!

Did you know, the average child consumes 3 cupsof sugar on Halloween? That’s upwards of 7,000 additional calories and 6 times the maximum daily recommendation!

Halloween tricks and treats are undeniable rights of childhood that no parent should forbid. It is however, possible for parents to encourage a healthier holiday and use this as a teachable moment.

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12-year-old nutrition expert, Kai Nunziato-Cruz is sharing kid-friendly (doctor-approved) Halloween hacks to keep the sweet season as healthy as possible.

As the son of a Gastroenterologist and a Holistic Nutrition Consultant, Kai Nunziato-Cruz has learned about diet and nutrition his whole life. He’s watched his parents help adults get well and stay well through healthy eating and he felt it was his mission to take these same teachings to kids.

Good nutrition is especially important for kids because their bodies grow so quickly. Although Halloween is only one day of the year, there are endless opportunities for kids to snack on candy, treats and unhealthy food all season. As childhood obesity rates rise, it is becoming increasingly important for parents and kids to know the facts so they can make nutritious choices.

Providing healthy meals for your child is crucial – especially this time of year – but it’s just as important for kids to learn about healthy food as it is to eat it. Halloween is a great opportunity to talk to your kids about healthy eating. Kai is encouraging kids and parents to make nutritious food choices throughout the season of sweets.

 “Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love sweets but my parents and I have found ways to make it super fun but also healthy…”

says Kai who teaches kids and parents about health and nutrition through his YouTube Show Generation Kai. Though he may be young, Kai’s message has already spread to many families across the U.S.

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