people looking at phoneI am aware that it is hard to have a relationship in these trying times. I know first hand how hard it is to meet someone. I have to ask  a question. What do you think?

Individuals who desire to manage these relationships in an efficient, yet meaningful way can now download the innovative new must-have app Up-date: Manage Your Lifestyle from Vortex Ventures, Inc.

In addition to scheduling dates and meetings, “Up-date: Manage Your Lifestyle” expands on the functionality available within more traditional contact management apps by allowing users to honestly record a range of important information that is often ignored — or even taboo — but often vital in having effective relationships.

Users who are actively dating can record every aspect of each prospective partner, allowing them to focus on the connections with the greatest likelihood of reaching their dating goals:

> Store photographs, contact details and general information.
> Track every encounter and record notes of progress.
> Keep a record of romantic milestones and events; including when you exchange numbers, a first kiss, spend a night together and more.
> Easily evaluate the monetary costs of dating. 
> Identify dates with the most potential, and those nearing a dead-end.

Business relationships can also be managed effectively:

> Store photographs, contact details and company information.
> Track the monetary value of the business prospect over time.
> Keep a record of potential business and its value.
> Identify the most beneficial business relationships.

“The bottom line is that people have their own personal goals and motivations when pursuing dating and business relationships. This could range from casual dating encounters to starting a committed relationship or obtaining a new long-term business client/partner,” commented Kevin Walters CEO of Vortex Ventures, Inc. “Up-date: Manage Your Lifestyle is the first app that allows users to save meaningful moments of their journey so they can reflect on whether they’re getting the most out of these relationships.”

“Up-date: Manage Your Lifestyle”, the innovative relationship management app that allows everyone to manage their relationships, remember moments, schedule dates/ appointments and more, is available in the App Store at:

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