men in silhouetteComing sharp on the heels of a wave of anti-abortion bills passed in a number of states, Men’s Huddle International, a grassroots men’s organization, ( is calling on men across America to take responsibility for the roles they play in sponsoring, requiring, encouraging, and in some cases their irresponsibility and/or abuse, which often lead women to have abortions. The organization holds that taking the life of an unborn child is a sin, for which women are often seen as the guilty party, while the men go guilt-free.

Dr. Phil Lucas, member of the Board of Men’s Huddle International argues that while abortions are often viewed as a woman’s choice about what happens with her body, we must never forget that there is an innocent life at stake. “Men too have a responsibility of protecting that life, and in many cases we have to admit that we have not only failed in our responsibilities to God, but we have sinned against him by our actions and inactions with respect to the unborn,” he said.

Men’s Huddle is hosting a Washington DC Breakthrough Prayer Revolution on the National Mall (7th Street NW and Madison Drive NW), on June 15, 2019, 10:00am to 4:00pm. This is a call to repentance by men for their sins, and a rededication of America back to God. The event is expected to bring thousands of men to DC for a sacred assembly of men on the day before Father’s Day. The Prayer Revolution will feature blessings of fathers over their sons and grandsons. Larry Hales, Founder and President of Men’s Huddle and father of four, says that while the event offers the perfect opportunity for fathers to bless their sons, we must also repent for sons and daughters who were never allowed to be born.

Several nationally known speakers will address the assembly on areas in need of prayer in our nation and then the men will form hundreds of “prayer huddles” regarding those areas. Other areas that will be covered at the Prayer Revolution include sicknesses, finance and employment, addictions, family concerns and the United States.

Men’s Huddle International provides opportunities for accountability and relationship building among men of like faith. For further information about Men’s Huddle International, please visit the ministry website

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