Christmas Giving Catalog Offers Ways to Help Impoverished Families in Other Nations


Cross Catholic Outreach, an international non-profit engaged in more than 280 social programs to benefit the poor in 29 countries, has designed a Christmas giving catalog to promote acts of mercy during this giving season.

With it, gift givers can pick a valued and urgently needed item and sponsor it to bless a poor family lacking food, water, shelter and hope. Items in a wide range of dollar amounts are featured in the catalog, and each will tangibly bless others through this Christmas giving initiative (see list here).

“With the Christmas season so often focused on the hottest new toy or electronic, our Christmas giving catalog offers something different for individuals who want to step away from the materialistic culture and buy something specific to help a desperately poor individual or family in a developing nation,” said Jim Cavnar, president of Cross Catholic Outreach.

Cross Catholic Outreach has more than 285 programs in 29 countries that serve people in impoverished nations to meet their most basic needs. According to their most recent annual report, more than 95 % of all donations given to Cross Catholic Outreach are used to meet the needs of the people they serve. “The Christmas giving catalog is another way to positively impact the people we serve. Even the smallest donation can make a world of difference to someone who has so little,” said Cavnar.

Examples of ways Americans can choose to bless another family through Cross Catholic’s Christmas giving catalog are below:

$27 This gift feeds an entire family for a month

$10 This gift sends 59 packages of basic medicines to clinics in need.

$300 This gift provides roofing materials to replace a roof

$10 This gift empowers a family with a starter supply of corn seeds

$10 This gift delivers 10 pounds of powdered milk

$34 This gift sponsors a Box of Joy to a child in need for Christmas

$15 This gift provides ten children with their own soccer ball

Americans can also make an intentional effort to help the poor during the Christmas season with a special gift to Cross Catholic Outreach on Giving Tuesday, December 3, 2019.

“You can be someone else’s miracle this Christmas season through a donation on Giving Tuesday or through one of the options in the Christmas giving catalog,” said Cavnar. To learn more, visit

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