christmas presentsPicking out a real Christmas tree is the No. 1 favorite holiday activity for families in the Western United States, ranking above activities such as shopping for presents, participating in cookie swaps, and visiting extended family, survey results reveal.

While families in the West love picking out the perfect tree together, families in the Northeast are the most likely to incorporate a special tradition when shopping for their real Christmas tree. And no matter the tree or the tradition, parents from coast-to-coast agree that the family experience of getting a real Christmas tree is a top activity to share on social media, ranking above sharing a photo of decorating the Christmas tree or opening presents.

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From the West to the East, it’s clear that families around the country cherish the experience and the lasting memories that a real Christmas tree can inspire. But when it comes to tree size and shape, tree shopping destinations and even decorating, regional preferences are clear.

  • Seasonal Shopping: Families in the Northeast are the most likely to buy their tree at a Christmas tree farm, while for families in the Southeast, the most popular tree shopping destination is a seasonal tree lot or stand.
  • Tree Specifications: Families in the Northeast prefer their Christmas trees to be tall and skinny whereas families on the West Coast say they are looking for that perfect triangle shape.
  • Decoration Appreciation: Parents in the Southwest are the most enthusiastic about decorating the tree, with 51 percent saying they look forward to decorating the tree with their kids.

“This survey confirms what we’ve always known: from coast-to-coast, families who pick out real Christmas trees create memories that are just as unique and special as the trees they take home,” said Marsha Gray, Executive Director, Christmas Tree Promotion Board. “Whatever shape or size tree your family enjoys, bringing home a real Christmas tree is a tradition to look forward to every year.”

Now through December 25th, the Christmas Tree Promotion Board and invite consumers everywhere to share photos of their real Christmas tree memory-making experiences for a chance to win cash prizes.

Visit or find the It’s Christmas. Keep It Real. campaign online for more information about how to enter.

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