New Film ‘Bad Boys for Life’ Hones In On Moral Choices and Repercussions

Screen Shot 2020-01-18 at 12.18.22 PMBad Boys for Life‘, starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence reprising their  roles as Marcus and Mike,  takes the action movie  to a new level with a focal point on life, aging and evolution. It even brings faith in to the mix in a realistic way!

After a failed assassination attempt on his life, Mike, along with Marcus must work together once more to take down the unknown assailant with a link to Mike’s past. The eccentric pair also join the elite team known as AMMO, as they attempt to bring down Miami drug cartel leader Armando Armas.

The movie takes on a few poignant issues. Mike is  facing the end of his career and being viewed as an old man. In the real world men might gauge their worth by their job performance. Mike is no different. His partner welcomes retirement, and grand parenting as a natural  healthy evolution.  Mike  scorns it.

That is where the film subtlety takes you on the journey with these two men.

The wonderful moral thread that weaves its way through the film is worth the price of admission. It even has a faith strand that most of us have faced head on from time to time that is neither preachy judgmental .  Is the acting any good? Yes.  Is the script good? Yes. There is a surprising new villain in the mix who introduces  a moral tangent that many women in our modern times have faced.  When the audience in the theater figured it out you could hear the collective gasps. It is worth a hot topic discussion after seeing it.

The humor remains key between the two partners and is more mature.

Should you go see it? Yes.  I think it is a mature adult film with  some suggestive language, that is not gratuitous in any way.

I do pose one question to you after you see it or while you are watching. What are the things  you have left unsaid or not faced that can come home to roost?

Don’t forget to stay and watch the credits.

What are you going to do about it?

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