Sunday Meditation: Simply Say Yes

Sunday Meditation

You know the hardest thing in life sometimes is to say yes to something. In our faith history all these people said yes and stepped out on faith.

  • Noah said YES when God asked him to build the ark.
  • Abraham said YES when God asked him to sacrifice his only son.
  • Joseph said YES when God asked him to forgive his brothers who beat and sold him into slavery.
  • Moses said YES when God told him to go to Pharaoh and ask him to let the Israelites go.
  • Rahab said yes when asked to hide the Israelite spies and risk her own life and the lives of her family.
  • David said YES when God asked him to fight the giant Goliath with only a slingshot and a few stones.
  • Esther said YES when Mordecai told her to go to the king to save her people.
  • Daniel said YES when God told him not to bow down and worship other idols.
  • Mary said YES when the angel told her she would carry God’s son, Jesus.
  • The disciples said YES when Jesus asked them to leave everything behind and follow him.
  • Paul said YES when God asked him to deliver the good news of Jesus to the Gentiles.

These yeses were risky but they cultivated a relationship with God and change.  That yes may be a hard. It may be difficult. It may be unpopular. It may be uncomfortable. Most of us would prefer to have the game plan ahead of time so that we have options and can decide accordingly. Unfortunately, God does not give us that option. He wants our yes first. We cannot fully surrender to God if we come with conditions.

Our lives can get so noisy. We can get so distracted.  Are we making time and space for solitude so that we can hear God when he speaks? Do we even expect God to hear God’s voice or are we filling our lives with so much mindless activity so that we cannot hear?  Are we unconsciously ignoring that still, small voice because we are not sure if we want to respond?

We cannot say yes to God if we are not listening for His voice.

You may think to yourself:

I want to be faithful and obedient. I want to say that I am “all in” no matter what.

Consider what God may ask you to say yes to this week.

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