Vault Health, a men’s telemedicine startup offering direct-to-consumer prescription testosterone treatments and supplements, has expanded its service to 37 U.S. states. Previously only available in three states, Vault’s rapid expansion comes on the heels of its $30 million Series A funding round in March.

Perhaps best known for providing the first FDA-approved rapid at-home saliva test kit for Covid-19, the men’s healthcare company specializes in personalized treatment plans that are designed to help men improve their sexual, physical, and mental health. 

Low testosterone affects one in every four men over the age of 30. This can cause an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, irritability, low energy, loss of lean muscle mass, erectile dysfunction, decreased sex drive, osteoporosis or fracture, brain fog, and more. 

Through Vault’s telehealth service, men are able to easily connect with medical professionals via video calls and get personalized testosterone-based treatment plans shipped directly to them, taking the inconvenience and apprehension out of healthcare by discreetly treating men where they are. 

CEO Jason Feldman, former Head of Amazon Prime Video Direct, co-founded the healthcare startup last year with leading men’s integrative healthcare expert Dr. Myles Spar, MD, who serves as Vault’s Chief Medical Officer. 
Feldman got the idea for Vault when he noticed how many of his male friends seemed embarrassed about certain medical conditions and were reluctant to seek medical attention for them, or simply didn’t know they could do something about it. 

“While there’s a wealth of women’s healthcare specialists and resources out there, the options for men are much more limited. Now that Vault is serving nearly three-quarters of the nation, we want men to know we’re here for them. We understand them. And we can help them,” says Feldman. 

According to Dr. Spar, many doctors tend to treat the symptoms of low testosterone, instead of the cause, while Vault takes a different approach by focusing on the root of the problem. 

“We focus on what matters to the patient — not what’s the matter with the patient — and offer a strategy to optimize health so that he can achieve his goals,” says Dr. Spar, who is also an author, teacher, TEDx speaker, and a frequent contributor to Men’s Journal and the Dr. Oz. show.

Vault’s various treatments are bundled together into kits that are tailored to address specific types of concerns. These include a ‘Body Kit’ that helps users maintain a healthy weight and energy level, a ‘Sex Kit’ that improves sexual health and performance, and a ‘Brain Kit’ that enhance users’ sleep quality and memory, among others. 

Treatment plans are offered on a subscription basis with prices starting at $75 per month, which includes ongoing healthcare visits and continuous access to Vault medical professionals to ensure men are achieving their desired results. 

While Vault has expanded service to 37 states, its testosterone-based treatments are available on a state-by-state basis. The states Vault Health is able to provide testosterone-based treatments in are indicated with an asterisk: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas*, Colorado, *District of Columbia, *Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, *Illinois, Iowa, Maine, *Maryland, Michigan, *Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, *New Hampshire, New Mexico, *New York, *North Carolina, *Ohio, Oklahoma, *Oregon, *Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, *Tennessee, *Texas, *Utah, Virginia, *Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. 

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