Top Rated Film for Healthcare on Amazon Prime Video

Alphadelphi, Inc. announced that Diagnosing Healthcare is now the top rated film for healthcare. Diagnosing Healthcare is an exploration of health care with human rights at the center that offers innovative and unknown solutions for all humanity. It provides solutions for the COVID crisis and beyond. 

Poster for Diagnosing Healthcare (PRNewsfoto/Alphadelphi, Inc.)
Poster for Diagnosing Healthcare (PRNewsfoto/Alphadelphi, Inc.)
Paul Roberts, still from Diagnosing Healthcare (PRNewsfoto/Alphadelphi, Inc.)
Paul Roberts, still from Diagnosing Healthcare (PRNewsfoto/Alphadelphi, Inc.)

Paul Roberts directed and produced the film. Roberts is a health care expert and medical case management consultant. Roberts has spent two decades working to develop more efficient ways to improve healthcare, and now the 48-year-old is attempting his most ambitious task – to improve health care delivery worldwide.  

As the founder of Alphadelphi, Inc., Roberts has now implemented the ideas in Diagnosing Healthcare. Alphadelphi seeks to revolutionize health care worldwide by improving efficiency, coordinating care and reducing health care cost by at least 30% over the current cost of health care. 

Alphadelphi’s system, Pytho, offers high tech coordination of care. Pytho tracks the likelihood of developing a condition as well as a patient’s past and current medical status. Active medical case management with a nurse case manager (RN) is also triggered when a threshold of risk is reached. The system focuses on several key areas including prediction of risk, education, prevention, efficiency, and medical case management, combining all of these target areas of focus with a centralized system, while utilizing artificial intelligence to predict risk. The system is patent-pending.

Roberts first developed the concept six years ago and drafted an alternative healthcare proposal, which was submitted to Congress in 2018. The Case Management Society of America published the concept in CMSA Today, their industry publication for case management. Roberts has over 20 years of industry experience in medical case management and is dual certified as a certified case manager as well as a certified rehabilitation registered nurse. 

“There’s no question about it, our healthcare system is broken and that really is something everyone can get behind,” said Roberts. “It affects all of us and we need to address it before costs skyrocket even more.

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