Online Resources To Help Developmentally Delayed Children Cope


Social isolation has been hard on everyone. It’s especially tough for one in six children diagnosed with autism or any other developmentally delayed condition, who find it hard to cope without the proper therapy.

“Unfortunately, a lot of parents can’t afford to help their kids with these problems,” said Holz Academy Founder James Holz. “That’s about to change. We’re looking for donations to develop an app that will make much needed therapy sessions more affordable for struggling parents.”

With this app, all parents will have the means to help their kids. It will feature one-to-one sessions with educators and therapists to help these children deal with everyday problems. It will also teach them how to cope with stressful circumstances, such as, dealing with COVID-19.

It will include real time sessions that can be scheduled instantly to attend a child’s urgent need. It will also help these children comprehend their surroundings better, and teach them lifelong skills of how to live a successful life with their condition.

There are very few places where you can get information you need for autism and there’s a huge world demand. Besides therapeutic sessions, the app will have a blog, articles, training videos, and a library of valuable information that parents can access for free.

“You can pick and choose resources you need. For example, if your child doesn’t know how to tie their shoes, we’re going to show you what to do,” said Holz.

Holz knows from first-hand experience how difficult it is for parents. It seemed like a full-time job for him and his wife to track down services for their son Loki Xavier, who was diagnosed with ASD in 2012.

Fortunately, Holz had the money to quit his full-time law practice in Florida after an extremely successful career with the NYSE. He created the Holz Foundation, dedicated to helping autistic and other developmental delayed children in Florida.

With Pamela Furr, they founded Puzzle Box Academy, Kaleidoscope Interventions and The Piece Fits dedicated to providing education resources for Florida families with a disabled child. It also provides behavior therapists and physicians for parents seeking diagnosis for their child.

The work of his foundation has been featured in Space Coast Daily and i4Buz. The Foundation has also sponsored $225,000 in scholarships to children with special needs. The money was raised by donations from parents who used one of his services.

The next chapter is to expand these services online with the development of an app to reach a world-wide audience of families who couldn’t otherwise afford traditional therapy for their disabled child.

Donations are needed to make this dream a reality. There are so many children who need our services so they can have a happy childhood and live fulfilling lives. They are our future. By helping them now, we’re really helping ourselves down the road.

“It’s cruel not to help people when there’s a means to do so. Please donate to this worthwhile cause today,” said Holz.

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