Women’s month kicks off in big way this season and I want you to know that I have your back. Being physically active is one of the most important steps you can take to get and stay healthy. Women of all ages and abilities benefit from getting active.

Everyone should try to be active for at least 30 minutes every day. Physical activity, or exercise, will help you feel better and be healthier.

I want to start off with the jug you see in the picture.


Price: $19.99+

Need a little help reaching your fitness goals and staying properly hydrated? Then HydroJug is exactly what you need. Those who live an active, healthy lifestyle and make fitness a part of their daily routine will love HydroJug. HydroJug is here to make it easier and more convenient for individuals to drink more water. Minimize the time it takes to keep refilling typical water bottles during a workout. With HydroJug, it holds ½ gallon of water! Plus, customize each HydroJug with a colorful sleeve that’s on-trend and features convenient pockets to carry essentials like your phone.


My next pick are these spectacular work out outfits. I promise you won’t feel uncomfortable or exposed.


Price: $45.00

WodBottom adds some sass to your workout by making fun, funky, and fashionable athletic shorties, leggings, bras tops and more! To give you an idea, shorties like their popular “Kiss My Hass” feature avocados and “Banana Badonkadonk” feature pink polka dots and bananas. Their full line of athletic shorties, leggings, bras,  tops, and more benefit domestic abuse survivors. Feel good all-around knowing you’re making a difference in the lives of women worldwide while enjoying a healthy lifestyle.


Safety is really important and since we still must wear a mask these masks work great.

Mamask Sports – Breathable Copper Fabric

Price: $21.99 for bundle

Get your game on with Mamask Sports that let you breathe in comfort and to fit your active lifestyle. Perfect for daily activities & working out! Their sports mask’s outer fabric is made of neoprene, a durable, elastic fabric appropriate for all-weather conditions. The inner lining is made of our unique textile solution, combination of copper ion fiber with polyester for antimicrobial, deodorizing, and cooling benefits while being active.  


If you carry your phone around or just need a pocket to put something in these Capri pants are comfortable and will not fade with washes. You can wear them and fell fully covered and have your belongings safely secured to you.

Belcorva Women’s Active Apparel

Price: $34.00-$43.00

Say hello to Belcorva and the soft pants, capris and shorts that answer your pocket prayers. You no longer have to improvise to hold your essential items because Belcorva’s clothing comes with 4 pockets! Belcorva pockets securely hold your phone, keys, ID, money and more. Their lightweight, breathable fabric is in no way see-through as you enjoy sporting trendy prints and colors. The modern and bold designs let you show off your style, while also having the option of tried and true black leggings with great stylish design features.

Now, we all are very conscious that after working out we need to use


Price: $10.95

Smell fresh during your workout with ATTITUDE’s all-natural deodorants. An EWG-verified company at the forefront of sustainable body and household products, their “attitude” is simple – Clean products, less plastic, and more trees. ATTITUDE has deodorants that are aluminum-free, formulated with plant and mineral-based ingredients for optimum performance. They come in cardboard tube packaging (fully biodegradable) and in such wonderful scents as white tea, red vine, orange, lemon, plus unscented.

Drop me a line when and tell me what you like. I am anxious to hear.

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