When it comes to health education, Dr Saira Goheer and Dr Jack Miftha both know that the children’s literature market is severely underserved; especially books that share hard facts in a witty, fun and totally addictive way.

2020 was therefore the perfect year for them to debut their ‘Disgusting Doctors’ series, with the first volume chock-full of memes and cartoons about the most pressing topic in the world, the Coronavirus.

Deliberately created for older children and teenagers, the volume calls on the sharp end of medicine to dish up gruesome facts, hard truths and delectably juicy details about COVID-19, all from the expertise of two of the nation’s most creative medical professionals.

Synopsis of ‘The Only Book a Kid Needs to Read About Coronavirus Ever’:

A hilarious book for middle and high school kids about the coronavirus. Packed full of memes and cartoons. The crazy coronavirus has been causing chaos around the world! It’s changed everything and created so much confusion. Want to know more than your teachers, parents or even the President about coronavirus? Let’s uncover all the important truths, without skimping on the revolting details that Disgusting Doctors love! 

Learn how dabbing can save your life! 

Read about the great toilet paper shortage of 2020. 

Discover how a little robot in your cell phone can help crush the coronavirus. 

Find out about other gruesome facts like why a horseshoe crab’s blood is vital for testing coronavirus vaccines. Let’s begin the journey to separate fact from fiction. Know everything about the coronavirus based on real facts from real doctors!

“This entire series is designed to help children understand how our bodies and minds fit into the world,” explains Saira. “Of course, we teach everything through a side-splitting cocktail of gruesomeness, hilarity and delightfully disgusting facts and cartoons. We plan to expand the series to encompass a comprehensive range of health/wellness topics – both physical and mental – so children can learn about the science of their body in a way that’s easy to comprehend. After all, knowledge is the most powerful medicine we can practice.”

Continuing, “This first book is highly entertaining with an important underlying call to action, and we want it to be an ongoing source of accurate information rather than just a one-off read. Is it eccentric and unconventional? Yes! But that’s exactly what young readers demand.”

Reviews have been extremely positive. Mickey writes, “Loved the book, even as an adult I learnt stuff I actually didn’t know about, while all the comic/ illustrations really help to make it entertaining to read about Coronavirus. Highly recommend it. Gifted it to a friend who has a kid and the kid’s loving it too.”

Ammar adds, “Although this book is written with children in mind, I have to say it was laugh out loud hilarious for me too. The cartoons are so spot on with their humour. Exactly what is needed in these difficult times. My son is 9 and loved it, as did my daughter who is 12. The book is packed full of information about coronavirus and covid 19, which is presented in a thoughtful and fun way. My daughter who is a little older particularly enjoyed all the little sections “Extra Bits for the Brainiacs” and the “Did You Know” parts. Both my kids are already asking when the next book is out by Disgusting Doctors as they enjoyed the little preview at the end which is included.”

‘The Only Book a Kid Needs to Read About Coronavirus Ever’ is available now: https://amzn.to/34mhYp2.

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