Work It Out Wednesday: Three Ways To Bring Hope To Life

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Right now, it’s easy to lose hope.

However, loss of hope doesn’t have to be the path we walk down.Now more than ever, overcoming fear and holding onto hope are essential.

Here are three ways to keep hope alive.

1- Choose to trust.  When something bad happens in your life, don’t respond by arguing with God or rebelling against Him.  Instead, trust God to keep His promise to use all circumstances – including the bad ones – to accomplish good purposes in your life.

2-Overcome fear.  No matter what kind of situation you may find yourself facing, don’t be afraid, because God will always be with you and have your best interests in mind since He loves you.

3- Focus On Your Spirit. Listen to what your spirit says.  Know that your spirit is an eternal guide. I know that sounds corny, but there is a part of you that desires the best. Prayer and meditation help you with those things.

Faith grows. And courage stands. Practice this hope, even if you have to will yourself to do it. With its power, you will overcome all things.

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