Jazmine Sullivan has had a hit with a song of the same title. She sings, “I ain’t got the room for extra baggage.” Those lyrics should hit home for many of us. We all carry the baggageof our mistakes too long

Mistakes teach us to accept ourselves and that we can be flawed and be loved. We can fully appreciate ourselves, even while acknowledging our screw ups. It is possible to laugh at our mistakes and then work hard to correct them. Most of us have a long history of putting ourselves down when we blow it.

But it’s a self-defeating habit we must break so that we can start appreciating ourselves, mistakes and all. People who love and care about us will stick with us through all our flaws and floundering. Our not so perfectness is what makes us unique and we are loved for it.

So we should give ourselves a break. Don’t carry around the baggage of feelings from a long time ago. You can’t keep carrying it around.

You may miss some of the greatest things in your life if you are dragging your luggage around.

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