Words Of Wisdom: Don’t Waste Time

In life, as we learn and grow, the goal is to accumulate wisdom – lots of it!

Now we can either do it all the hard way – through trial and error – or take a shortcut by learning tips from those who have already walked the path before us.

*Action often trumps knowledge.

Someone that knows a little but does a lot will beat someone that knows a lot but does little. Ensure that you’re not procrastinating under the guise of gathering more information.

Procrastination can also go beyond work, affecting other important parts of our lives. Not getting that irritating symptom checked out leaves an unknown disease untreated. Avoiding a difficult conversation only prolongs the conflict. And delaying an important life decision, like breaking up, making a serious commitment, going back to school, or finally changing career paths, can lead to running in place for years.

In the end, we kick ourselves. We regret the time wasted as deadlines approach, time runs out, and opportunity slips through our fingers

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