Words of Wisdom: Progress is More Important than Perfection.

Progress matters more than perfection. I know you may be scratching your head at this moment but know that the actions of doing something matters just as much as completion without error.

Errors teach us valuable lessons.

Too often, we find ourselves procrastinating, because we’re not sure what to do first. We feel overwhelmed, confused, or disorganized. We put off getting started, because we’re not sure what the first step is. We want everything aligned so that we can succeed.

This kind of procrastination is less an avoidance of the task, and more an avoidance of negative emotion. No one likes to feel incompetent or clueless, so who can blame us for turning our attention to Netflix or even cleaning the bathroom instead. Indeed, when we put off the task at hand by doing other tasks, it’s called productive procrastination. And anyone who’s ever organized the files on their desktop or shopped online for an upcoming event instead of doing work knows what I mean. At least finding the perfect outfit in advance makes us feel prepared.

Get the project going and you will be amazed at how much you learn along the way. The process will teach you more than you can imagine. The process is what makes us better, not the perfection.

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