Sometimes people feel peaceful when they become very tired. Others think that peace is what you feel after having a few drinks or taking drugs. (People use these substances, because they long for inner stillness and quiet.) Being half asleep or desensitized by drugs or a few glasses of wine can keep you from feeling your anxiety, fear, anger, resentment or worry.

Happiness is actually quite superficial, whereas peace is deeper. Peace is immune to the polarities of life: the highs and lows, the hots and colds, the so-called goods and so-called bads. This is why peace is so crucial.

Inner peace is more about being than doing. It’s about leaning toward rather than struggling against. It’s about being fully present and focused on the task at hand.It’s easy to feel anxious about what tomorrow holds. There are a lot of unknowns out there that are scary to think about, so don’t. Keep your focus in the here and now because that’s the only thing you can control anyway. Worrying about tomorrow does nothing for you other than waste energy and drain you mentally.

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