Today, financial services company, The Motley Fool, announced the launch of its educational investment series inspired by the rising success and financial power of Black women across education, entrepreneurship, and homeownership.

In partnership with The Finance Bar, the new series dispels common investment myths and equips participants with new skills to enhance their personal investment strategy. The program caters to an audience that no longer requires introductory financial literacy training and is focused on generational wealth building. With the support of finance expert Marsha Barnes, the founder of The Finance Bar, The Motley Fool is presenting this series in a unique environment that allows participants to learn and invest side-by-side with peers. 

“Black women are expanding their economic influence in every area of life; from the boardroom to the living room to the classroom,” said Rachel Williams, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at The Motley Fool. “With our inaugural investment education series, The Motley Fool aims to further grow and support the economic reach of enterprising Black women investors while creating a collaborative environment to learn and grow together.”

The Motley Fool is excited to partner with founder of The Finance Bar, Marsha Barnes. Marsha established The Finance Bar to guide others on their journeys to financial wellness through teaching healthy financial habits and offering personalized financial education sessions to empower her clients. Since its inception, The Finance Bar has been featured in major media outlets, including ForbesEssenceBusiness Insider and The Wall Street Journal.

“As Black women navigate through the world of investing, establishing a foundation of financial confidence is the key to unlocking long-term financial success,” said Marsha Barnes, founder of The Finance Bar. “Partnering with The Motley Fool on this dynamic series will ensure that women of all economic backgrounds acquire the necessary tools to achieve their personal financial goals. We are pleased to accompany Black women on their investment journeys as they continue to trailblaze the future of finance.”

The Motley Fool + The Finance Bar series is set to launch on May 2, 2022 with a curriculum of 10 foundational lessons for women to support and grow their personal investment portfolio. To enhance the curriculum and hear from women of all backgrounds, the series will also feature Instagram Live Q&A sessions on @TheFinanceBar with financial experts from The Motley Fool.  For more information, visit

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