With Thanksgiving just around the corner, Fitness Premier wants to help individuals enjoy the bounty of the holiday while keeping their health in balance – using their ongoing P.R.O.M.I.S.E.

P – Prepare for change 
If over-indulgence is inevitably going to happen, plan ahead to counteract the extra calories. Look up the nutrition info for favorite Thanksgiving items and then mentally run those numbers. Use that information to decide what to eat and what to skip. If there are snacks out, take a small plate and then walk away! Noshing and munching are far more likely when one stays within arm’s reach of the food. A little preparation goes a long way in staying fit.

R – Remember goals 
Keep going! Work out even on Turkey day and the rest of the holiday weekend. Working out every day helps one keep in mind how far they’ve come and keeps the momentum going. Even doing an at home work-out will stop the lethargic feelings that lead to unhealthy cravings. Avoid the unhealthy cravings and save room for a nice carving of turkey instead.

O – Open up to challenges 
Here’s a Turkey Day challenge: Fill a plate with the healthy stuff first. Go for the white turkey, a nice salad, some veggies, and then add on the mashed potatoes, gravy, and green bean casserole. Starting with the good stuff means smaller portions of the not-so-healthy foods fit on the plate. There’s still room to try a little of everything but this challenge will keep the less healthy options at much smaller quantities – a Turkey Day win!

M – Make time for others
Thanksgiving is a time for delicious food of course, but more importantly, it’s a time for friends and family. Remember to focus on loved ones and the food will naturally take the back burner. Leave the holidays with extra love and memories, not extra pounds.

I – Invest in health 
Health is a long-term investment. Don’t be derailed or discouraged at one bad day or a one-time splurge. All is not lost. Fitness doesn’t happen in one day and neither does fatness. Keep investing in a healthy future by eating right, exercising, and getting plenty of sleep.

One great way to invest in a healthy future is to join a gym now. Yes – during the holidays! This is a slow season for gyms, which means the perfect time to score on deals and incentives, as well as getting a jump start on work-outs without feeling self-conscious because of a crowd. There’s really no good reason to wait on improving one’s health.

S – Savor the journey 
No one wants to skip the sweets over Thanksgiving. Instead, savor them. Enjoy the journey to fitness and enjoy a guilt-free pleasure now and then. Don’t be miserable just because that giant slice of pie looks amazing. Opt for a smaller piece of pie and slowly savor it. Take time, taking small bites and tasting every one… and enjoy the moment. Go for quality instead of quantity.

E – Enjoy healthy results 
Eat, exercise and be merry! Following these tips ensures a fit and fun Thanksgiving and a healthy lifestyle overall. And don’t wait! There’s no time like the present to start a new healthy routine.

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