gift-900748_960_720Skipping on holiday gratuities might seem like a necessity this year, but in times of economic hardships, those who work in the service industry, typically for low wages, throughout the year to make our lives run more smoothly, to help us look our best, or to keep up the appearance and enjoyment of our homes, deserve and benefit greatly from our generosity.

Housecleaner– amount of one cleaning

Mail Carrier– gift, not cash, valued about $20 (Mail persons can only take  cash gifts or any gift valued $20 or less)

Regular Delivery Persons (dry cleaning, UPS, newspaper, etc.)- $20

Trash Collectors (if the same persons service your home most of the time)- $20

Regular service providers: (filling fuel oil, pool service, bug spraying, etc.)- $20

Note: $20 is average; amounts range from $10 to $30. $10 per person tips are OK when the service is performed by a team instead of an individual.

Hairdresser/ Nail tech– tip should equal the average amount you spend at one visit. If you see this person so often you consider him or her a personal friend, then a gift is probably more comfortable for you to give and for him or her to receive than a cash tip. After all, we don’t tip our friends!

Teachers– If you feel your child is benefiting from his or her teacher, give as much as you feel you can! Just don’t give cash; it can seem like a bribe.

If money is limited, focus your cash tips on whom you think the tips will benefit the most this year. – S

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