Holy Week Real Talk: Take the Wait for Resurrection as a Reset


The Saturday after the crucifixion  must have been devestating. The Apostles, friends an followers must have been down lower than they could have ever imagined. The fear must have been palpable.

Isn’t that how we all feel when change is about to come? We need to ready ourselves for the reset. Have you ever been going strong…for days, weeks, and even months, until one day you realize you’re not?

What if God, in all of His Sovereignty, leads us to those vulnerable places?

What if all along, He is allowing us to run out of steam so that we will finally…stop?

That is exactly how we should take today. Sit down and reflect on where you want to be  next week, next month, possibly next year.

Take a deep breath.

Giving ourselves permission to hit “reset” is more about living as a new creation in Christ, and less about trying to muddle through life on our own. We don’t have to remain in the same old place, entangled in the same old sin.

Those things have passed away. That was the end result  of Jesus’s death on a cross. We get to rest our spirits and our beings.  Take a moment and do that.

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