Spiritual weakness can happen to anyone. You can cut yourself loose from spiritual weariness, and get back on track.You might find yourself exhausted all day, and then as soon as you get into bed your entire body is wired. Or you might find yourself so tired that you can’t actually fall asleep and you’re restless. Meditation might not even help much to calm your mind and it may even cause you to become more frustrated.

There was a time in my own life in lay ministry  when I recognized that I was too tired and worn out to keep going  the way I had been.

Take a Break.

Yes I can here Philipa Soo singing the lyrics to Lin Manuel Miranda in the hit play.

Take time off or get away to become refreshed again. Jesus and many other leaders pulled away to spend time in prayer and find solitude. Take a moment to pause and look around. It’s amazing how much better we can be when we actually have a moment to breathe.

Get Connected

Staying connected to a community is vital for long-term progress. When we recover from a tough time, we want to go into isolation. When we don’t spend time with others we miss out on the human connection.

True rest for the soul comes only through Jesus Christ, who has made it possible for us to enter God’s presence by fulfilling the ancient paths for us (as Jeremiah 6:16 speaks of). Jesus is our path to God’s presence and to rest for our souls.


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