Dennis  Basso’s show was just plain stunning. Of course, I am a bit biased as its named after my hometown. The show had all the swagger and feel of a New York City girl showing off for friends and meeting them for a night out dancing.

Keeping with the recurring theme of  the Spring Summer collections, it is plain to see that being a girly girl is in.   I need to be fair and have full disclosure that whenever I see something that his hand has designed, I realize I am madly and completely over the heels in love with Dennis Basso designs.

His designs make me happy. I loved every second of his show. Here are the  3  reasons that I absolutely adored the show.

#3- Simply Sparkle– He knows how to make a girl feel great in white. These dresses simply sparkled with light. Photos just don’t do it justice.


#2 – Classic Cuts Made Exciting – Dennis makes the classic sheath look fresh with his designs. You can definitely see a diner or cocktails in these dresses below!


#1 Sophisticated and Sexy Dennis appreciates a woman’s sexuality and sensuality with texture and craftsmanship. He respects and appreciates a true woman’s body and his cuts belay that.

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