SCHNEIDERJohn Schneider Studios and Maven Entertainment lead the way in independent film with their announcement of the release of CineFlix Fest and CineFlix DOD, a new revolution in film.

Beginning in June 2016, CineFlix Fest (, a John Schneider Studios and Maven Entertainment independent film festival, will begin accepting filmmaker entries. Unlike typical film festivals, CineFlix Fest will provide groundbreaking opportunities to the participants, including a distribution contract and participation in a road show throughout the southern states.

John Schneider Studios and Maven Entertainment are dedicated to providing filmmakers an unprecedented opportunity for success.

“My desire with CineFlix is to put the movie film business back in the hands of the filmmaker.”John Schneider

“My role with CineFlix is to advocate for the Hollywood underdog, providing the best environment for the storytellers to share their work.” Alicia Allain

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