The season opener of  Greenleaf‘ jumped right in with the challenge “God is not done. ”  It opened right where last season  ended. Mac waltzing in with the police charging Bishop with burning down his old church.

`Lady Mae and Grace  meet head on in the middle of the Calvary Hall. The question is whether mother and daughter can meet to protect the Bishop. The appeal for dedication money is down. Lady Mae challenges Grace by doing what only a mother can do and says, ” I have prayed to God to help me let this church go.”

Mavis is keeping company with a younger man.

Next scene up is Charity talking with choirmaster Carlton talking about her music with Mary Mary’s producer.

She plays the music and the producer loves it.  The family  heads over to Jacob Greenleaf’s groundbreaking of Triumph.  Bishop  Greenleaf and Grace hear that Jacob will be the new pastor of the new church Triumph II and near both pass out. Mavis tries drinking away her sorrows.

Lady Mae goes to visit her father and he kisses her full on the lips after telling her he could ‘never deny her when she was sweet to him‘.Charity has her baby boy. Jacob decides to move out Mavis crashes the party to call the Bishop out for getting the young musician to leave.

The episode closes with Pastor Basie accusing the bishop of killing his father. He tells him judgment is coming.


Tonight’s episode was all about  forced honesty. Either you can accept it and move forward or you can hide and lie to yourself. Given the unconscious nature of self-deception, becoming honest presents us with a serious dilemma: How do we know when we are lying to ourselves? Generally, if we are emotionally reactive to something or someone, it is because we are being reminded of something painful, raw, or unresolved in our lives. In these areas, we are going to struggle to admit the truth.We cannot be honest with others until we are first honest with ourselves.

Why do we do it? Self-deception is a tool for protecting yourself from painful facts. It’s why we claim to be honest but break the rules anyway; tell ourselves we want something like a financially secure retirement but consciously construct the opposite, or stick with a company even when we’ve been passed over for a promotion at work.


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  1. I feel her father use to molest her and Oprah.

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