The Believe in Yourself Project is an American non-profit charity organization dedicated to providing brand-new, unworn designer dresses for girls to wear at school functions. Many teen girls are up against unobtainable social standards placed upon them-which are not just unhealthy, but often times unaffordable. In an effort to close this gap, The Believe In Yourself Project is dedicated to the gainful advancement and empowerment of young women with a gift of confidence.

It is the belief of our organization that every young woman should feel confident regardless of her physicality or financial circumstance. The Believe in Yourself Project seeks to revolutionize and reverse some of the negative present day messages into one of positivity and encouragement- so that all girls may believe in themselves.

Sam Sisakhti (Founder of UsTrendy, the world’s largest fashion marketplace for young women and juniors) has launched this program and provided dresses to girls and young women who could not otherwise afford them, to wear at their upcoming school dances and other occasions.

In conjunction with donating dresses, the Believe in Yourself Project seeks to create a mentor program that will provide mentoring services and other support and also bring in women speakers to talk to the girls. The aim is to promote a positive body image and healthy self esteem at an early age, empowering these young girls to feel good about themselves and to take on active social roles within their school communities.

You can get involved here.

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