Everyone loves Disney movies, from young kids to old timers.

Disney’s latest movie is a live action remake of Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. We’re in for a real treat it’s anywhere near as good as The Jungle Book remake!

To celebrate the release of Beauty and the Beast, we decided to find out which Disney princess each state loves most using search data from Google.

Here’s what we found…

The most popular princesses overall are Elsa from Frozen and Pocahontas, who topped searches in 7 states.

Interestingly, geography seems to play a part in which princess a state prefers. For example, Sleeping Beauty is super popular in the Midwest, while ‘cold’ princesses like Elsa and Snow White are popular in sunshine states like California, Nevada and New Mexico. Maybe watching them helps people cool down during a heatwave!

Beauty and The Beast’s Belle is the most popular princess in six states, including Arizona, Oregon and Idaho. We think she’ll become more popular after the new movie has been in cinemas for a few weeks though.

Check out the full list below and let us know who your favorite Disney princess is in the comments!

State Princess
Alabama Pocahontas
Alaska Moana
Arizona Belle
Arkansas Mulan
California Snow White
Colorado Aurora
Connecticut Snow White
Delaware Pocahontas
Florida Rapunzel
Georgia Moana
Hawaii Mulan
Idaho Belle
Illinois Rapunzel
Indiana Cinderella
Iowa Pocahontas
Kansas Cinderella
Kentucky Cinderella
Louisiana Moana
Maine Snow White
Maryland Pocahontas
Massachusetts Mulan
Michigan Moana
Minnesota Cinderella
Mississippi Moana
Missouri Elsa
Montana Elsa
Nebraska Elsa
Nevada Snow White
New Hampshire Rapunzel
New Jersey Belle
New Mexico Elsa
New York Ariel
North Carolina Elsa
North Dakota Aurora
Ohio Elsa
Oklahoma Elsa
Oregon Belle
Pennsylvania Belle
Rhode Island Aurora
South Carolina Ariel
South Dakota Rapunzel
Tennessee Pocahontas
Texas Ariel
Utah Moana
Vermont Aurora
Virginia Pocahontas
Washington Belle
West Virginia Pocahontas
Wisconsin Aurora
Wyoming Aurora

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