Gospel Artist LaVarnga Hubbard to Perform at Hawkins Gospel Conference

When Gospel artist, Lady LaVarnga Hubbard released her current single,“Worthy”, she desired for listeners to remember the importance of honoring Jesus Christ through every season of life. Sometimes, it may seem challenging to express, but honoring God in our own way, reminds us, of His sovereignty, no matter the circumstance.

“Because when you don’t have words to say, you can always have a song in your heart.”LaVarnga Hubbard

As the single “Worthy” and new project, Better Is Coming continue to reach and encourage listeners across the country, Lady LaVarnga is singing and connecting with supporters during Summer events.

On Thursday June 29th, LaVarnga Hubbard will be a guest artist at the Hawkins Gospel Conference in Chicago at Greater Harvest MB Church, 5141 South State.

On the following day, June 30th, LaVarnga will sing a few of her favorite “Gospel-Oldies” during the Oldies But Goodies Concert in Chicago at Centennial Baptist Church, 4359 South Michigan Ave.

If you are in the Chicago area, join Lady LaVarnga Hubbard on June 29-30th!

Download Better Is Coming on Utopia Music Group on iTunes and other online retailers.

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