How To Get Through a Spiritual Valley

During our life journey, we will at some point (or many points) find ourselves in a funk and forget about the lighter side of life. Life’s bumps are hard to escape because they are a normal part of a life well-loved.

First start off by being thankful. I know it sounds silly and simple but it helps.
There is always something to be thankful for. When we put our attention on what we are grateful for, we begin to notice more reasons and evidence why life is a gift to be enjoyed. Gratitude rituals are powerful and they can be implemented at any time throughout the day. Being thankful gives us hope by helping us remember there is a brighter side to life.

Next, get out of your head and your room. Offering others our kindness, helps us move our focus away from our worries and dramas, and instead connect to our inner spirit. When we authentically give our love and light to others, we are in essence being in our love and light.

Lastly, allow yourself to be in the valley for a short time. Don’t stay! Just be present to how you feel and move forward.

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