New Book Presents 5 Things Parents Of Teens Need To Know

‘Getting Your Teen Through High School and Beyond’ was s a guide for parents that educates them about most of the possible challenges their teen will face in high school (and college). This book offers parents structure and scripts for situations such as: car use, setting a curfew, love and sex, participation in sports, coming of age rituals, computer and cell phone use, sibling rivalry, how to fit in if you don’t use drugs and alcohol, and what to do when your young adult abuses alcohol or other substances, and may also have a mental health issue.

A variety of contracts based on family values are provided so teens will know the expectations and the consequences for choosing not to follow the guidelines.

Now comes a new book, Let’s Make a Contract: Getting Your Teen Through High School and Beyond that will prove to be helpful.

Here are a few key points that she will take you through.


  1. Your teen does NOT know how to get himself/herself through middle school, high school or college.
  2. Teens have no way to predict what’s around the corner.
  3. Drugs/alcohol will hurt the development of your child’s brain.
  4. Serious mental disorders can be triggered by the use of drugs/alcohol during the teenage years, even the use of marijuana.
  5. The word “NO” does NOT mean “maybe”.

The author, Dr. Schiebert is the parent of three adults and has counseled thousands of teens and families at a major HMO and hospital in northern CA, and she knows that contracts help guide teens towards success. She is available to share with your listeners tips on how to avoid the chaos that can happen when teens take over.


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