Three Ways Executives Manage Fear

pixabayFrom natural disasters and terror attacks to a toxic relationship and unrealistic expectations…fear creates stress. However, its ineffective to spend time feeding fear, or overthinking our problems when we could be making actual progress toward our goals.  Below are three expert steps to get back on track to finding whole self from a genuinely unique expert, Kendrick Mercer, a financial, political, cultural, anthropological, historical expert and author of the new book, Whole Self: A Concise History the Birth and Evolution of Human Consciousness.

Mercer has been working for over sixty years helping presidents, executives, entrepreneurs, independent business owners, and others who are seeking the truth—as well as emotional, personal, and financial freedom from fear and stress. Below are the three tips on managing fear he offers them, and your audience:

  1. Be in the moment. So, you have five equally important tasks to do and don’t know where to start? Anxiety is wrapping its fingers around your throat? Pour yourself a glass of water. Sit down. Drink your water. Breathe. Relax and center yourself. Your mind may be busy with thoughts about the future or what your staff is doing but ignore them. For now, just immerse yourself in the present. Honestly, this doesn’t have to be a big deal. You could also shut your eyes for a second and check in. You’re a human being sitting in a room.
  2. See the truth of the moment. After getting present, wait patiently for clarity. Make a list of what needs to be done. Then, look at your list. See what is real in your situation. Objectively true. This clarity will enable you to respond in a manner that is not driven by your nerves.
  3. Respond spontaneously and appropriately. Too many tasks? Feeling paralyzed? Pick the easiest thing and do that first. Then pick the next easiest. And then the next. You’ll gain confidence and momentum as you go forward.

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