New Book Shares Heart Touching Stories of Encounters with Angels

Angels and Archangel companions, protect, teach, and guide. In the new book, “The Lion of God: Archangel Ari’El…Personal Encounters,” author and spiritual coach Carol P. Vaccariello D.Min., LPC, shares 10 powerful, true stories about her own experiences with Angels through her spiritual and emotional relationship with Archangel Ari’El.

Vaccariello’s book is a guide towards enlightening readers about the deep influential relationship that can be facilitated between a person and the spiritual realm, including but not limited to Angels and Archangels. It is a new revelation of the existence of angelic help that is available for the asking.

“Angels want to be of help and to learn from us,” said Vaccariello. “Ari’El makes it quite clear that during this time in history we need angelic help and the angels are standing ready. However, because of our free will, they cannot interfere, we must ask for their help. Then comes the tricky part: we must trust and be open to their response.”

The Angels request for those who know how to communicate with them to encourage others to do the same which is why Vaccariello has published this book; to open others to the profound life changing relationship that is waiting for them.

“This is a surprising book with a surprising ending. Carol shares the extent to which the Angels will go to get our attention and collaborated with Archangel Ari’El to share their heart touching stories to encourage you to wake up to the Angels in your life,” said the Reverend Doctor Matthew Fox, who provided the forward for “The Lion of God: Archangel Ari’El.”

Among her numerous accolades, Vaccariello is a compelling storyteller, inspirational public speaker, Protestant pastor, and respected Elder in the Creation Spirituality Community. She has gone on several pilgrimages to locations such as Sicily (the land of her ancestors), India, Iona Scotland, and Camino de Santiago. Most recently she went to Assisi Italy where she walked in the medieval footsteps of Saints Francis and Clare, Northern Italy where she joined the progressive Popolo Spirituale of Damanhur, and finally the Montserrat Mountain Monastery dedicated to the Dark Mother, near Barcelona Spain.

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