New Book Understanding ‘The Mystery of the Magi’ Gives Context to Kings

Christ for all Nations CfaN, has published a new book to add to your Christmas reading and shopping this year. In The Mystery of the Magi, Evangelist Daniel Kolenda takes a closer look at some little-understood participants in the Christmas drama. The Christmas story is the most familiar story in Christianity. We all know the Nativity scene, with its manger, Mary and Joseph, baby Jesus, shepherds and animals. The only participants in this divine drama that seem out of place are the Magi, travelers from the East who brought gifts to worship the baby King. Who were the Magi and where did they come from? How was a star able to guide them to one child in a particular house? Why would these Gentiles from a foreign country call Jesus the King of the Jews? And why did they bring such extravagant gifts?

Kolenda answers these questions and more, weaving in the Gospel message as he gives you a powerful, inspiring and insightful teaching on the Christmas story. He explores the history and roots of the Magi, explaining their role and significance to the Christmas story. Proverbs 25:2 says, “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings.” In The Mystery of the Magi, Kolenda gives the reader the opportunity to discover truths of God’s Word that have seemed hidden before, allowing you to see this story with new eyes as he explains how God used the Magi as part of His redemptive plan. Could their journey inspire yours?

If you or someone you love have ever wondered if there is more to learn about the Christmas story, this book is for you.

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