Top Five Gifts for a Friend Who is Always Cold

There’s a line in the movie The Christmas Story where the voiceover says, “Every house has a kid who won’t eat.” Likewise, chances are you know someone who is always cold. A study conducted by the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine found that although a woman’s core temperature is warmer than a man’s, they may be more sensitive to colder temperatures. Regardless of gender, the accessory buyers at Meijer have assembled a list of hot gift ideas for the friend who is perpetually chilled:

  • Blanket Scarves. Because it’s not always fashionable to wear a hat indoors, a scarf is a base layer element that enables you to create – and keep – much-needed body heat. The trick, according to the Meijer apparel buyers, is to aim for cozy like a faux fur or choose a cotton knit for its durability. Top picks for the season: Massini Fur Loop Scarf or Massini Cable Oblong Scarf.
  • Portable Seat Warmers or Electric Throws. If your friend happens to be your office mate, space heaters aren’t typically allowed. A portable seat warmer, on the other hand, may do the trick. The portability of this item is key because your friend can use this item in the car or the office. Another option is an electronic throw, which won’t take up too much space. Top picks for the season: Homedics Perfect Temp Cushion or Sunbeam Reversible Sherpa/Royal Mink Heated Throw.
  • Base Layers. Speaking of base layers, why not treat your friend to a gift that will warm them to the core? Base layers add warmth without the bulk and many are made of synthetic materials that “wick” moisture away from the skin. Sometimes, just adding a thin layer does the trick. Top picks for the season: Women’s Chill Chasers by Cuddleduds; or Men’s Thermal Underwear by Wolverine.
  • Hand and Toe Warmers. According to, if the body feels chilled, hands and feet feel it first because the body restricts the blood flow to protect its internal temperature and vital organs. Most hand and toe warmers offer comfort for at least three hours and can be purchased in bulk. Warmers also make a good stocking stuffer. Top picks for the season: Grabber Hand Warmers or Grabber Toe Warmers.
  • Ginger. What? Yes, it’s true. According to Eat This, Not That, the spice enhances thermogenesis and helps make the body feel warmer. Why not bake your friend some gingerbread cookies and give the gift of ginger tea? Ginger also aids in digestion. Top picks for the season: Yogi Ginger Tea or Traditional Medicinal Ginger Aid Tea.

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