Keep Tabs on Illnesses as Kids Head Back to School

cellphone– Pens? Check. Pencils? Check. Paper? Check. Illness tracker? Check. Wait. What?


You’ve got the back-to-school basics. But how about an app for mom or dad that helps track illnesses going around the neighborhood or kid’s school?


Sickweather®, the world’s first real-time map of human health, is a free app that tracks reported illnesses and symptoms to deliver a local overview of what’s trending in the area.


There’s also a feature to set up location-based groups, such as a school, allowing users to connect directly to that institution and share information with other registered users.


It’s as simple as downloading the app, creating a group for your school and inviting others to join. Parents or kids can enter symptoms in the app and as well as provide input on their illness.


Input is anonymous, so no names are involved. The more people using the app, the more accurate the picture of what’s trending.


The goal is to help parents, students and schools make informed health-related decisions based on what illness or symptoms are being reported.


To track local illness trends and to set up a group for your school – anywhere in the U.S. – download the free Sickweather mobile app at: 


iOS –


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