Start the new school year off with these must-haves from SPIbelt.  For kids, parents, and teachers!

Fanny packs are back in and with SPIbelt’s LUXE in gold, silver, and gunmetal….high school students can stay on point with fashion trends as they walk down the high school hallways.  MSRP: $34.99


SPIbelt’s Kids’ belts are not only great to keep house keys and other personal belonging close but if your child has an allergy or diabetes or needs any type of medicine during the day, they can keep is discreetly stashed while leaving them hands-free to tackle the school day!  MSRP: $18.99


SPIbelt’s newest product, the GLIDE fits perfectly around a teacher’s waster allowing them to carry their keys, phone, Chapstick or any other item onto the playground for recess or in the hallways between classes.   MSRP: $29.99

GLIDE product.png

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