school-lunchAnother school year is beginning with kids eager to see their friends and parents eager to get back into a routine. But for 11.3 million kids in the United States, the routine isn’t that great. They go school but come home to an empty house. Research shows, this can lead to loneliness, behavioral problems, depression, along with a greater susceptibility to alcohol and drug abuse.

Danette Crawford, founder and president of Danette Crawford Ministries, is in her 16th year of providing mentoring and Lighthouse Learning Centers to provide a safe place for kids and teens to go after school. “After school assistance is a vital part of helping at-risk children overcome difficulties, so they can overcome limitations and succeed academically and in life,” says Crawford. “The Lighthouse Learning centers provide homework assistance and tutoring to help increase academic success and build confidence.”

The Lighthouse Learning Centers for at-risk youth are in low-income and subsidized housing areas throughout the Hampton Roads, VA, area and, as of 2018, the Bronx borough of NYC and in 2019, the city of Compton, CA. Crawford leads an incredible team with her limitless-living approach, as outlined in her upcoming book, “Limitless Thinking, Limitless Living: Think Big, Ask Big, Expect Big, and Receive Big!”

The staff at Danette Crawford Ministries is dedicated to providing assistance to kids in need. As of this fall, over 38,475 hours have been invested giving at-risk youths after school homework assistance and more than 27,200 after school snacks have been distributed to children in need.

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