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As we head into 2019, many factors will determine where people choose to work and live such as job opportunity and cost of living.  Making a high salary is great, but if rents are so high that you have very little disposable income left over, are you going to be able to put money away for a rainy day?

Obviously, a person’s individual cultural and social tastes should also be considered, but from a purely financial standpoint, it would be wise to consult this list below before you begin your next job or home search.

Here were some of the national findings:

  • The average income left after rent in the top 25 cities is 81 percent.
  • Texas had five cities in the top 25.
  • The Midwest placed eight cities on our list, including three in Ohio alone.
  • Oklahoma boasts two of the top three cities, including the overall No. 1.
  • Dallas had the highest average salary in the top 25 at $82,609, while its Texas neighbor, College Station, had the lowest average salary at just $55,086.
  • The cheapest average monthly rent was $863 in Tulsa, while the highest average rent was Dallas’ $1,422.


The study looked at 100 business-related jobs on Indeed.com and compared it to the average rent of a two-bedroom apartment on Rentjungle.com.

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