Promise Keepers Forms New Strategic Alliance with Men’s Huddle International

Promise Keepers (PK) is making a big comeback. The men’s movement that created waves in 1997 when it drew over one million men to Washington, D.C., for its landmark Stand in the Gap event has planned a relaunch conference for summer 2020. In the meantime, the organization has restructured, and after 28 years at the helm, founder and first president Coach Bill McCartney, passed the spiritual mantle of Promise Keepers to Chairman Ken Harrison, April 2018.

According to the movement’s website, “Promise Keepers renews the mission and spiritual heritage to raise up the next generation of men to be Kingdom Servant leaders!” Toward this end, Chairman Harrison is forming a strategic alliance with an innovative grassroots men’s organization, Men’s Huddle International (, which has been making significant inroads in the areas of prayer and community service.

The alliance is an important one for both organizations in the sense that Promise Keepers is focused on reuniting, rebuilding and inspiring the heart of men towards integrity. PK also has the goal of being an initial outreach arm toward channeling new converts into local churches. Men’s Huddle International is focused on developing the prayer lives of men, while challenging them to serve their communities by equipping, empowering and encouraging boys and men to make a difference for Christ.

Men’s Huddle International was formed in 2017 under the leadership of Global Entrepreneur Advisor, Larry Hales and was formally incorporated in 2018. The Men’s Huddle provides opportunities for accountability and relationship building among men of like faith. It is a primary ministry for fellowship and distribution of relationship training materials and resources designed to facilitate personal leadership and fatherhood in the home, church, community, and workplace. Using a sports analogy associated with football, the Men’s Huddle International seeks to help men bond in a non-threatening atmosphere that men understand.

Men’s Huddle International will be hosting many events in 2019, including a Washington DC Men’s Prayer Huddle on June 1, 2019 (across from the White House) which is expected to attract thousands. Also planned are a Recruit 757 Kickoff Classic, Pastor’s Breakfasts and various mentoring events. For further information about Men’s Huddle International, please visit the ministry website

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