3 Exciting Reasons Why BET’s Sunday Best’s Return This Spring Rules!

Sunday's BestBET’s Sunday Best is returning. I was blessed to have interviewed all the winners and competitors on the show and I  could not be happier. The  returns of the Show comes at a great time.

Here are three reasons why I welcome its return.

1- Exposure for a tradition that influenced and still influences music is needed.

Sunday’s Best gives exposure to an important form of  music. Gospel music is the root of contemporary R&B, soul and hip hop music. Gospel music can be traced to the early 17th century, with roots in the black oral tradition. Hymns and sacred songs were often repeated in a call and response fashion. Most of the churches relied on hand clapping and foot stomping as rhythmic accompaniment. Much of the singing was done a cappella. When you listened to the recent hit from Kendrick Lamar & SZA – ‘All The Stars’ you can’t help but notice  the full gospel feel of the track. A generation of music fans can stand to have a real touchstone to a genre of music that gets pushed to the back,

2- Gospel  music fans need entertainment that respects them as an audience.

We have been ignored and mistreated. Think about this. Gospel music has not had a grand stage performance in four years. Sure we  get the one off odd show here and there, but we haven’t had a fully branded ‘Voice’ type show since.  Sunday Best was great at respect the audience that tuned in each week. There was real reference and context to the music other that the  standard ‘that gave me chills’ rhetoric that  many of the entertainment  contest regurgitate  weekly.

3- Good wholesome family entertainment is in short supply. 

Television has become an immoral wasteland. Yes, I said it. I know I am not alone. I would like to watch one show that mentions God not as a joke, weakness,  punchline or weak person’s crutch. Sunday’s Best  manages to point out the just right scale of humor and fun.

The network announced the return of its hit talent search show with an audition link that can be found here.

Kirk Franklin will return as the host and the judges have yet to be announced. 

Past Sunday Best winners are  as follows:

  • Crystal Aikin (season 1)
  • Y’anna Crawley (season 2)
  • Le’Andria Johnson (season 3)
  • Amber Bullock (season 4)
  • Joshua Rogers (season 5)
  • Tasha Page-Lockhart (season 6)
  • Geoffrey Golden (season 7)
  • Dathan Thigpen (season 8)

I can’t wait to get back to weekly summaries and tweeting the show.!

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