Christian Music Festival “Rock the Universe” Reveals Date for 2020

live-concertThe two-day event ended with a candle lighting ceremony at the Music Plaza Stage, where some of the performers shared special messages. At the previous “Rock the Universe” event, this time of vigil was used to share a message of unity by the lead vocalist for Casting Crowns, Mark Hall.

“When we worship, God doesn’t need to be reminded about how good He is; we do. Don’t ever miss a chance to love Him with a song,” the singer said to the crowd, encouraging them to foster unity and hope in a time of divisiveness.

The next “Rock the Universe” will be held Jan. 24-25, 2020, with Universal Orlando now offering special rates for youth groups.

“Rock the Universe” has been hosted by Universal Studios since 1998, competing with Walt Disney World Resort’s own Christian rock concert series, “Night of Joy.” However, Walt Disney World canceled “Night of Joy” in May of 2018 after 34 years.

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