keyboardDeleteMe™, a service from The Online Privacy Company™, today announced a special last minute deal on its most popular DeleteMe personal info removal service at

A great time to join DeleteMe – for yourself or as a gift – is after doing a lot of shopping. Because DeleteMe helps remove the personal information data brokers often get from shopping transactions. When consumers buy holiday gifts at different stores, personal information is always part of the exchange. Later, behind the scenes, data about us is sold, and winds up in many different online databases. DeleteMe privacy experts go find and remove that info – all year long.

For families and individuals who want to give a unique gift, DeleteMe might be perfect. Sign up easily in 5 minutes and DeleteMe’s privacy experts get to work finding and removing your personal data from over 20 different marketing databases and data brokers, including those frequently used by telemarketers / robocallers. DeleteMe’s service opts-out consumer data from these Google-searchable sources, including:

Removes mobile phone numbers
Removes home addresses, home photos, prices of homes
Removes dates of birth, ages, relations, and names of family members
Removes email addresses, social media links and usernames
Continuously finds and removes info all year long (new reports sent every 3 months)
“We’ve noticed people receiving the gift of DeleteMe are loving it. In fact, consumers who get it as a holiday gift have rated it on average 4.7 out of 5 stars, and our privacy support team has received piles of holiday thank-you cards,” said Will Simonds, head of DeleteMe marketing.

Research into Christmas shopping behavior shows as many as 16% of consumers don’t finish gift-buying until the final few days before the holiday. More than 50% of overall Christmas shopping is now being done online. Yet over 65% express concern about security and privacy while conducting an increasing share of their transactions online.

Types of personal identifying information (PII) available online can include mobile phone numbers, home addresses, pictures of people’s houses, as well as family member names and ages. Full personal profiles can be purchased from a variety of online data-brokers by anyone with a credit card, often for as little as $0.99 per single search.

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