woman-Dr. Brad and his team at DiscoverHealing.com suggest people consider these tips and techniques to help calm anxious feelings, improve their outlook and coping mechanisms, and reduce stress, which may help improve immunity:

  1. Ask for help. If you’re worried about your mental state, speak up; you are not alone! Many people around the world struggle with sadness, anxiousness, and other undesired mental states. There are many resources and methods for improving your mental health and your way of life. Ask medical and holistic practitioners for those resources.
  2. Restore balance to the mind and body. Using our bodies’ natural healing abilities, energy healing may help you restore balance to body and mind. Clearing the energy of emotional baggage and other imbalances may help create optimal circumstances for natural healing.
  3. Release trapped emotional energies. Our thoughts and emotions can create physical energy in our bodies. Left unprocessed, these energies may remain in our bodies, potentially leading to imbalance and physical and/or mental distress. At Discover Healing, we call these energies Trapped Emotions. The Emotion Code®teaches a simple method for releasing Trapped Emotions easily.
  4. Learn to recognize anxiousness triggers. Triggers will vary from person to person, but could include certain health issues, medications, caffeine, hunger or malnutrition, sleep deprivation, negative thought patterns, financial concerns, social events, conflict, stress, and other personal triggers.

Naturally working through bouts of anxiousness is something that may require licensed therapy,” he says. “However, we believe releasing Trapped Emotions or negative energies with energy healing and the Emotion Code can provide a critical tool to help you cope.”

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