Clinical Breast Exams Taught on Google Chrome During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This year more than 600,000 women will die of advanced breast cancer even in 2020 as breast cancer awareness month begins and 2 million new cases will be diagnosed worldwide.1 While the common presenting symptom of breast cancer is a lump, untrained practitioners are not likely to confirm it without essential skills. Scientific and clinical evidence indicate that properly trained hands can detect most suspicious breast lumps well before they advance to later stages 2 although, without training, the exams are poorly performed, if at all. 

Exam 1: Live feedback palpating visible breast tumors
Exam 1: Live feedback palpating visible breast tumors
Exam 2: Live feedback palpating hidden breast tumors
Exam 2: Live feedback palpating hidden breast tumors

By connecting tactually-accurate breast models to the Google Chrome browser, the MammaCare Foundation is now providing thousands of nurses, doctors and students with the essential clinical skills needed to perform competent breast exams. The technology shapes and validates the ability of clinical hands to reliably palpate small pea-sized (<0.5cm) simulated breast tumors while reducing or eliminating false positive detections according to Mark Kane Goldstein, Ph.D., Scientific Director of the MammaCare Foundation. 

Goldstein explained “these remarkable and reproducible technologies now make it possible with any laptop to validate essential clinical skills through Google, everywhere, in classrooms, clinics. and hospitals.” In addition to colleges of medicine and nursing, the skills have made their way to the Women Veterans Health Program3, and were recently deployed, statewide, in a Congressionally sponsored National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program (NBCCEDP).

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