Black women have been the leading forerunners hen it comes to the arts. We are just beginning to get our due. It’s late if you ask me.

You are missing a black writer who should have the same acclaim as Jackie Collins. She has written books that many have called romances. I beg to differ on this as I see her books as intrigue fiction books that happen to have a few romances along the way.

One series in particular deserves a weekly series. I said so months ago. Please read: 25 Reasons Why ‘The Battaglia Series’ Needs To Be On The Screen. That is just a start to why you should add her to you ‘Go To’ list.

The following three reasons should you to download her books immediately.

Reason #1- Sweeping Addictive Stories

In the Battaglia series Sienna has crafted a world that will suck you in for hours of reading. Yes, it is for mature audiences and should be given a mature treatment, but it has intrigue, interwoven stories and explosive family dynamics that will make you tune in. The result of this series in an indelible portrait of an American Woman becoming immersed in world that is polar opposite to where she comes from.

Reason #2 – Well Developed Characters.

Her women characters are complex and multi-layered. In many fiction books the writing of the lead characters is one dimensional. Her women’s stories are intricately woven and powerfully told,  in sweeping novels about duty and hope, love, courage, and strength.

Reason # 3 Stories that Stretch the Mind

Her books allow the reader to visit time and places throughput complex histories. That is an important facet. Much of the books that are out now are stuck in a hip-hop urban quicksand. Sienna challenges you as a reader to look up things. You voyage to different locations and eras that you don’t usually.

I have said it numerous times. Sienna Mynx’s books need to hit the tv/film circuit. She is doing something historical and folks are missing out on her. She is raising the bar on what black women authors can create. I know that as a black writer I have been inspired to write because of her.

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