Can you remember the last time you ran barefoot through a field or laid in the grass to look up at the clouds? What about the last time you slipped off your sandals and got sand between your toes or dipped your toes in some warm, soft mud?

This activity is known as “earthing” and, believe it or not, it has powerful health benefits, says Nathalie Beauchamp, D.C., IFMCP. Dr. Nathalie is an Ottawa-based doctor of chiropractic and certified functional medicine practitioner with the Institute of Functional Medicine whose latest book is Hack Your Health Habits: Simple Action-Driven, Natural Health Solutions for People On the Go! She says something as simple as kicking off your shoes can lead to improved sleep, reduced inflammation and chronic pain, reduced stress, improved energy and a greater feeling of well-being.

“Earthing works by connecting you to the healing energies of the ground, thereby neutralizing free radicals and reducing chronic inflammation in the body,” she explains. “It sounds a bit far-fetched, but it works. Even short periods of time engaging in this activity yield significant health benefits, whether it is on sand, rock, dirt or grass.”

In an interview, Dr. Nathalie can talk about earthing and other healthful ways to enjoy the summer. For example, she can share:

  • Ways shoes inhibit the Earth’s natural flow of electronics as do as rubber, leather, plastic and polyester – which are found in the majority of the apparel we wear
  • Dos and don’ts for barbecuing including the importance of cleaning the grill!
  • Why the sun is not your enemy but practicing “safe sun” is a must. Did you know that 60 SPF sunscreen is only 2 percent more effective than 30 SPF in blocking UVB rays?

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