Affirmation of The Day: My Life is a Gift and I appreciate Everything

Every now and then, there are days when you just need a little pick-me-up. You can blame it on the weather, the wrong side of the bed, that horrible thing that your co-worker.

We’re not usually focused on what we have. We often focus on what we don’t have. And when we do focus on the things that we have, we zoom in on the problems, making them bigger and brighter. However, anytime we do that, those problems just take center stage in our lives.

While there might be hundreds of ways that we can do simple little things to appreciate our lives just a bit more.Sure, it’s easy to compare ourselves to those who have more.

It’s quite simple to look to that car or house that we want and allow it to ruin our mood. We beat ourselves up over not having certain things. 

Sometimes, in order to appreciate what we have, we have to get back to the utter basics in life by downsizing. Get a smaller home. Buy a simpler car. Instead, use the money you save on experiences rather than the attainment of things. Life isn’t about buying things, it’s about experiencing all the wonder and joy out there in the world.

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